Combing and Brushing Hair: Wet or Dry?

Should I comb my hair before, during or after the shower? For further info, click here: comb and brushes

Hair care is not just about choosing the right products for your hair type.

There are cares that do not involve cosmetics and that can make a big difference, especially in preventing damage to the hair.

This type of care strategy is not miraculous, on the contrary, they must be adopted as measures to prevent damage to the hair: little damaged hair does not need miracles .

A very common question is about how to comb your hair (whether curly , curly , wavy or straight ).

Curly, Wavy, Curly and Straight: how to comb?

Should the hair be combed wet?

You know that maxim repeated over here at Cabeleira em Pé: Escape the extremes!

It applies again in this case, avoid combing your wet (soaked) hair.

Wet hair loses much of its strength, so when untangling the locks in the shower, try to do it with great care and affection, if possible only with your hands.

the pH of the product used during this stage detangling in the bath can be an important issue if your hair is brittle.

If your hair breaks easily or you want to keep your hair as healthy as possible, the ideal pH for this detangling phase is between 4 and 6, the pH range in which the hair maintains greater resistance to damp.

Can I comb dry hair?

Remember the extremes?

Combing dry hair can also be a bad idea.

The dry hair is stronger than the hair wet , but less flexível.²

Therefore comb it dry may be more complicated because we can break the threads more easily.

In a series of tips for hairdressers, Lorraine Massey³ is categorical: you don’t comb your hair, you don’t even brush your fingers between curly hair when dry.

If I can’t comb my hair, neither dry nor wet, how do you do it?

If none of the extremes is adequate, the middle ground becomes the best option.

To take advantage of the flexibility of wet hair and the strength of dry hair, the ideal is to run the comb through damp hair.

When you get out of the bath, give your hands a squeeze to remove excess water and finish using the towel of your choice (we recommend using microfiber towels).

With damp (less wet) hair, you increase the strength of the strands without losing so much flexibility. This goes for curly , straight , wavy and curly hair .

In short: When using brushes and combs, prefer to do it with the wires neither dry nor wet — always choose to comb your damp hair .

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